Our Resale Store offers quality used items from Geneva Lake area homeowners. With an ever-changing inventory, shoppers find gently used (sometimes new) furniture, jewelry, outdoor equipment, sporting goods, kitchen wares and other pre-owned items. Things that once served their original owner are put to use again by inspired bargain hunters. And now we also offer furniture that has been repurposed, refurnished, or reclaimed. Be sure to check us out!

As a ministry, we seek to enable and encourage people with disabilities to be productive members of their community.  Our Resale Store isstaffed by a team of residents who work alongside our paid and volunteer staff. Since interaction between residents and the public is essential to a well-balanced life experience, we’re pleased with the way this venture brings together people from many walks of life and benefits the community at large.

Our stores hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

If you are interested in donating furniture to IM Reclaimed, please submit your request and photos of your furniture items to IMReclaimed@gmail.com.  We also offer pick-ups of major furniture items.