Discipleship Opportunities at Inspiration Ministries

There is a lack of emphasis on the spiritual well-being of people with special needs, and Inspiration Ministries is passionate about filling it. We believe growing in Christ is an essential part of living a happy and whole life, and that’s why discipleship is at the core of everything we do.

On-Campus Discipleship Opportunities

Everyone can always learn more about the love of God. We offer many different avenues for discipleship on the Inspiration Ministries campus.

We regularly have Bible studies, devotions, and prayer meetings on our campus. We also encourage residents to grow in leadership and lead their own small groups and studies. Our residents have the opportunity to meet with our staff pastors and get any counseling or Biblical advice they need.  

Off-Campus Discipleship Opportunities

Every Sunday, shuttles are available to take our residents to a warm and friendly community church where they can worship and learn more about their faith. It’s a great opportunity for fellowship outside of the campus, and to connect with others in all walks of life. We believe strongly in the local church and the mutual benefit of our residents being involved with one.

Our Mission

At Inspiration Ministries, it is our mission to help residents experience the love of Christ in a tangible way. As our mission statement reflects,

We exist to encourage people with disabilities with the hope and joy found in Jesus by helping them meet their basic needs and realize their full potential in Christ.

Discipleship is something we will continue to emphasize as it affects every area of one’s life. We love seeing each of our residents grow in his or her faith and find confidence, emotional healing, and a new sense of purpose.