Vehicle Donation Program

Featuring boats, cars and other items of value, our Boat & Car auction program is one of our most cost-effective ways to provide people with ability challenges the financial support that helps make living at Inspiration Ministries possible.

Donors get a “no muss, no fuss” way to dispose of items they no longer need while buyers at the auctions walk away with a great deal. Both enjoy the sense of “making a difference” to people who need the help our ministry provides.

Donating an Item

  • Receiving a fair tax deduction as allowed by law.
  • Saying goodbye to a boat or vehicle that is no longer needed.
  • Relief from the headache of trying to sell your item.
  • The heart-felt joy of knowing people with disabilities are being help by your gift.

Here’s how the process of donating your boat/vehicle works:

  • Call 262-222-5398 to find out if your item is suitable for donation.
  • If your item is suitable, complete the Vehicle Donation Form found at the top of this page or click here for the form.
  • We can then pick up your item or you can drop it off with the title, registration, keys and any other applicable information.
  • We will mail you a tax receipt for your donation. If your donation sells for more than $500, and we have your Social Security number on file, we will send you a second receipt informing you of the sale price. This is normally the figure you can deduct on your taxes.