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Inspiration Ministries was founded on the core belief that all people – including people with disabilities – are made on purpose and for a purpose. We’re about unleashing the potential of the people we serve, not simply going through the motions of offering programs and services that do not have outcomes in mind. We believe God has called us to be a catalyst to change the trajectory of people’s lives. It is our passion to help people achieve their individual best…and that doesn’t happy by accident.

Inspired Coffee

At Inspired Coffee, we measure the impact of our program by intentionally planning what we are doing and what outcomes we want to achieve so we are able to evaluate our effectiveness. Keeping the focus on our logic model – a graphical program evaluation illustration tool – ensures we are always focused on optimizing resources to maximize our impact so we deliver on our mission and vision.

Inspiration Ministries

As a healthcare facility, maintaining a focus on quality improvement (QI) is critical because it provides a framework to systematically improve care and services. With standardized processes and structure that reduce variation, achieve predictable results, and improve outcomes for a number of key performance indicators provides, our goal is to be a provider with high standards of care. As a voluntary member of the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association’s (WALA) Diamond Program and the Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL), IM submits outcomes on a quarterly basis for several Key Performance Indicators. Once submitted, our outcomes are benchmarked against other providers which we use to compare our performance to others to identify areas for improvement.

Our scorecard – the monthly report used to highlight quality improvement outcomes – is reviewed monthly by management and posted internally as a visual management tool.

Coming soon . . .
Like Inspired Coffee, a logic model will be created for Inspiration Ministries so we have the ability to measure the impact of non-healthcare related programmatic services provided.

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